Friday, 6 May 2016

Roses for Mother's Day

Shaded Pink roses 


“Filial Love—the love of a child for a parent”  

Handmade Paper Roses

It fascinates me to know that different flowers are associated with different symbolism and are used for different purposes. That got me reading about flowers and selecting few to try my hands on making them.....
I started with Roses - Red roses were said to be the favorite flower of Venus, the ROMAN GODDESS of love and beauty. And you know what - it's one of the most ancient symbols of LOVE and Beauty. The flower itself depicts the color Pink or Red. And one of the meaning ascribed to the pink rose is “Filial Love—the love of a child for a parent”, Wow !!!!! I just love that, especially in the case of mother's day

So here is my simple way of making them....

As I don't have any die cutting equipments, I make my flowers in much more baser ways.... 

Handmade Paper Roses

Step 1. Very lightly I drew, different sizes of the same 5 petal flowers on an A4 size, 210 gsm water color paper. 
* Why watercolor paper ?  - because for making flowers I'll be doing lots of shaping and molding in semi wet state of paper, along with water-coloring, Off-course. So I definitely need a paper which can withhold lot of fiber displacement, yet not give away. Another plus is it gives beautiful texture and good volume to the flowers. So - Why not ?  ;-) 

Handmade Paper Roses
Step 2. Used "Worn lipstick distress ink pad" for water coloring my roses. And "Mowed lawn and Peeled paint distress ink pads" for water coloring my leaves.
* And the technique is pretty simple.... 
I applied my distress ink pads on an OHP sheet to transfer little color, and because it's an acrylic sheet it doesn't absorb the dyes. Now I simply picked up the colors with my Aqua brush and painted my roses. ( you can definitely use your craft mat instead of OHP sheet for this ;-) ) 

Handmade Paper Roses

Step 3. Once dry I fussy cut all the petals and leaves separately.

Handmade Paper Roses

Step 4. I colored the backside of the flower petals with watery color made with "Worn Lipstick Distress ink pad"
This time however I applied my distress ink pad, couple of more times on OHP sheet and then spritzed water 5-6 times rather then my usual 1-2 times for normal water-coloring....that's it....N in went the backside of my flowers in the watery pool.....

Handmade Paper Roses

Step 5. Placed petals upside-down for the excess color to dry off.

Handmade Paper Roses

Step 6. I shaped the flower petals with my fingers and stylus when they were still semi wet.
* Started with the smallest one.
This is the only petal, which I had to use other way round....

Handmade Paper Roses

Step 7. Pasted a small thermocol (polystyrene) ball in the center of the petal.
* Then wrapped the petals around it, making sure they overlap each other. ( Works as a locking system as well....

Handmade Paper Roses

Step 8. Then worked the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th petal form back side with stylus, that loosens the fibers of the paper, makes it more malleable to shape them.
* Shaped the front of the petals diagonally on my stylus's handle.
*Pushed the center of each petals with the stylus or back of the the petals pop up.

Handmade Paper Roses

Step 9. Pushed the center of the 2nd petal with my fingers to make it smaller and closer, and glued it to the first closed up petal.

Handmade Paper Roses

Step 10.  Did the same with rest 3 petals n glued them all.
* Re-shaped and adjusted the petals a bit to make it right, and my beautiful rose is ready to adorn my card. 

Handmade Paper Roses

What say !!!!    
Hope I was able to explain it better with so many pictures and text.....                 
Do let me know, what you guys think about it. Your feedback means a lot.
And Thanks a drop in again to see how I assemble my Mother's Day card along with this ROSE....

Hugs & Kisses Shilpi

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

A quick card on the run

In my HEART is a MEMORY...
and there YOU'LL always be....

A quick share of a card I made for my ex-boss / mentor.... Lady I really admire...

For this card I have used all the Itsy-bitsy elements... 

Window cut Kraft card from Little Birdie was the 1st thing from my Itsy-bitsy's haul ;-) 

Next is Beautiful Gerdenia Bubble gum mulberry flowers and butterflies of Boutique element's .
I know the blue flower and leaves are missing, as it's already their on the card. 
I totally forgot to click the pictures of the elements used in the card beforehand...

And gorgeous mulberry roses... 
thankfully I had another pack of roses for the photo-shoot ;)

And lastly sentiment tags from Mini Embellishments.
These tags are my most favorite. 
Why ? ..because I don't have any die-cutting mach. 
so for me pre-die-cut and beautiful sentiment printed tags are boon .....

Literally every thing from Itsy-bitsy.... 
I really do love my crafty haul from there, they are so gorgeous and absolutely perfect for making quick cards, especially on the run ;-) 
As you can see I haven't done much in this card except putting all the wonderful elements together, and yet it shows my heart felt sentiments for the person concern. 

What say guys ??

Thanks for dropping by....


My 5 years old daughter's card

Mamma's little copy-cat ...........Meow !!!!!

Seeing me make card, my 5 year old also stared making one of her own for her class teacher... ;)
Life is so simple and beautiful at this age....what ever mamma is doing I too have to do...
Especially if it's Art and Craft...

Kimi's Hand-made Card

My little one is my biggest critique as well as fan, and off-course my most sought after helper.... especially while helping me if she too can punch flowers and leaves or doodle or fool around with Mamma's paints.... Why ??? ... But off-course Mamma has the best of everything....
But for her this card she has not done any of that, like mamma she too had used all Gardenia Passion Boutique elements from Itst-bitsy....

Itsy-bitsy boutique elements

Mamma's little copy-cat ...........Meow !!!!!
Peeping out from a design on a frosted glass.....

Kimi's hand-made card

Feeling really proud of my little munchkin ....

Do let me know what you guys think about my daughter's foray into my Art and Craft....
Thanks for stopping by... and do drop in again to see what all we two are upto this SUMMER vacation.....

Kimi & Shilpi

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Mixed-media crumpled tissue HEART

Follow your HeART, Believe in your DrEAMS & CrEATE.....

I remember in my school days we used to make card-board Science models or Papier Mache Art-projects. And to give strength and stability to our projects, we used to layer it with newspapers and tissues. Obliviously sticking it with PVA glue mixed with water. And once dry, it used to be really super-duper strong. But what I used to hate was the creases or the crinkles coming in my super smooth finish models, while applying tissue paper. And if you try to smoothen it too much, then you’ll end up spoiling it even more, as the wet tissue will lump-up.  Sob! Sob!

Who would have thought that the things I perceived as mistakes in my childhood, would be turned around and used as techniques in creating textures, in my ART today.

So from Sob! Sob! – to- Lol! Lol!

For my ART- JOURNALING nowadays, I’m using Bilt’s matrix premium notebook, it's in B5 size, and has natural, ruled, 75 gsm paper, though I could have done better with higher gsm but I absolutely love the natural off-white color of the paper.

As the title suggests, this is a crumpled tissue Art-Journal page. 

So I have taken 3-4 tissues (normal facial tissues, that comes out of a box or any old tissue paper will do, even the ones from shoe boxes.) Another reason to hoard all the junk ;)                                           Anyway ----- I had crumpled all the tissues nicely, so they have lots and lots of creases.                        The More the Merrier!!!
Then I applied the PVA glue mixed with water (2:1 ratio) on my journal page, and glued the tissue, creasing them even more, so that I’ll have this beautiful texture to play around with.

Let it DRY overnight, though drying time may vary. In summers it will dry within 3-4 hrs. But in Winters, it can take up to 24 hrs. And if you are as impatient as I am, I’m pretty sure you’ll end up picking up your heat-gun/hair dryer to fasten up the drying process. Be careful! As heat-gun can burn tissue easily. I almost did. But, do make sure that you blow hot air on both the sides of your journal page for proper drying.

When it was completely dry, I painted over it in shades of Yellow and Orange acrylic colors. I used Pebeo’s high viscosity acrylic, so I needed to dilute it a bit, but not too much, as I like the dry brushing kind of effect.

I love the bit of white peeping underneath the yellows.
Once the base coloring was done it was time for my big HEART.
Well it’s season of hearts!!!!

As it's 2 page spread, I drew my heart in such a manner, that a bit of it is on the 2nd page as well.       Really like the holes punched on the page, it adds another dimension to it. For coloring my heart, again I have used my Pebeo’s acrylics but this time I didn’t dilute it at all, as I wanted to see through all the layers of color. From Yellows – to – Oranges-to – Reds – to Maroons –to- Black. It’s a dry- brushing technique that I have used on my heart. Started with the lightest color in the center and ended with the darkest color at the edges of the heart. Reducing the area of each dark shade applied towards the edge. Hmmmm ! Not bad !


Hearts done, I started fooling around with my GELATOS (wonderful gift from my sis-in-law). Very lightly I rubbed the orange and red gelatos over the parts of my textured journal page. It highlighted all the beautiful creases and folds. 

O ! I love it ! 
Next time I am definitely gonna do the same bit with contrasting color gelatos. That will be AWESOME !!!!!

I so very much wanted to stamp some flourishes. But as luck would have it, my permanent Archival Ink was running dry (that reminds me, I need to add reinker in my art supply list) And I guess the tissue texture too, is too strong to take the stamped impression properly. Though I was not hoping for the perfect image but still better than what I got on my sample piece. So, after a few trials-n-errors I ended up doing freehand drawing of flourishes with 0.5 tipped permanent marker.    
Huff ! Huff !!  
Trust me, it was not easy to have free flowing curves on textured background.
Almost done. Just need to add a sentiment and my page would be complete.                            
Earlier I made a tag,but somehow it was not going with the layout, so again I ended up writing the sentiment as well. Though I have used 0.1 and 0.3 calligraphy pens to write the sentiment, but because of the background texture it doesn’t look like much of calligraphy.    
But I’m happy with the overall composition.                      


What say !!!!                     
Do let me know, what you guys think about it. Your feedback means a lot.
Thanks a drop in again n see what all I'm doing in coming months....

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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Fun with Water colored Scraps….

Happy Anniversary Card 

It seems I’m too much into water coloring now a days. (At least in my head for sure;)
Trying out different – different inks and dies on every bit of watercolor scrap paper I can find. Exploring techniques and combining them for different looks.                                                            

I think it will be good idea to do them on little big paper instead of small small scraps that way I can make a proper catalog of all my trials-n-errors. Hmmm!  Well that’s a task for coming week then. 


So here I’m with bits and pieces of vibrant water colored paper, ready to make a LOVE card. For making these colorful scraps I have used Pebeo’s cake watercolors, Nirmal’s transparent photo colors, Tim Holt’s Distress Ink, Camlin’s liquid watercolors to name the few. Tried techniques like wet on wet, wet on dry, color blotting, color lifting, splattering, blending, salt on wet wash, stippling, stamping and even stenciling. If you are not into water coloring, you must be wondering what gibberish I’m talking about….don’t worry, these are just big big names for actually having lots of water coloring fun……       
My next post will definitely be all about water coloring only as I had loads of fun for sure!!!.... 


Now, the only problem is, these scraps are of 300gsm watercolor paper, pretty painful to punch. But I put all my “Heart” punches to good use. And just to be on safer side, simultaneously I punched some layers of foil too. It keeps the punches sharp, you know that- Right!!! I punched all sizes of hearts, and what I was not able to punch, I ended up cutting with my paper cutter.

Stamped “L.O.V.E.” from “Simon says STAMP’s –All about Love set“ with permanent Black Archival ink on my card stock. I had cut the alphabets separately and assembled them together by overlapping them. 


Stamped “YOU & ME” from CRAFT’S clear stamp, directly on my card with “Festive berries Distress Ink”. Added clear rainbow glitter around it, so that it shimmers under the Red Heart cut scrap.

Stamped small “Love” from MSE’s - Anniversary Innies & Outies clear stamp set on a small card stock, again with “Festive berries Distress Ink”. And added Aqua rainbow glitter around it in Heart shape. And on top added Light Green color negative scrap left, after punching the heart. 

The rest of the Anniversary sentiment on and inside the card is also from  MSE’s - Anniversary Innies & Outies clear stamp set. Stamped with permanent Black Archival ink.

Ended up using 4 different clear stamp sets for just one card, bit too much, but so worth it. They all came together beautifully. 


With the whole combination of stamps and punched scraps I can make many more cards and tags. Will just need to alternate between negative and positive of punched heart scraps.                              O !!! I’m so happy !!! 


Hope you enjoyed.
Do leave me your valuable suggestions, I really do appreciate them ...
Thanks for visiting....
Do drop in again and check what other cards and tags I make with these scraps.


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